Wednesday, September 23, 2009

This uncertainty

We stand at the sea of uncertainty the water gathering under or feet the indecisive tide lulls in and out. As we look into the depth of the sea. Clam but turbulent waters brood for an awaking. Questioning weather to press forward into the cool water or stay at the edge away from uncertainty and danger. Longing for the cool refreshing relief of the water against my skin. Yet these fears this uncertainty holds me stead fast. I gaze into the unfathomable deeps the ocean waves immeasurable as this silent emotion. Our future vast; unseen as the endless horizon of water. Clouds foreboding with the gray of on coming rain. The sent of salt and sea cloud my senses. The breeze it tugs at my soul reminding me of this deep blue reflection of silent solace. Yet my feet remain unmoved my body stead fast as I gaze into the future of an oncoming storm. I shall stand at the edge of the storm and feel the rain revel in its delicious refreshing relief. I bare the weight of the weaves as they press against my soul. On the edge of uncertainty I press forward enveloping my soul in the bliss of cool refreshing waves of ocean before the tide of the storm.

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