Monday, February 8, 2010

Italian coat

I tried on that authentic Italian coat today midnight black and luxuriously expensive for a moment wrapped in fur I glimpsed the future that could be….. My emotions adrift in a tremulous sea of uncertainty I look into your eyes I know that you love, yet I took off that ring and I gazed into my heart and I pulled apart the pieces so I could see you smile, I sleep alone tonight as I realize my own heart ache…to hold a passion in your hand and see it slip away like sand dissolving away as the foam of wake I close my eyes tight and do not breath pleading never to feel again the silent cry of my heart echoes around me as twilight creeping over the earth I stand at the shore watching the real me drifting far away in a endless blue sea I can’t sleep again I’ve been hiding from myself a least the pain tells me I’m alive I breath in passion exhale despair