Saturday, September 19, 2009

Lost admist a normal day

feeling as though my soul is sliding downward aimlessly into empty oblivion lost in a vastness that echo’s silence isolated like a distant burning star in the vast universe, spinning uncontrollably inside the odyssey that keeps expanding my voice like a breeze whispering through the trees tangible yet invisible enveloped in silence I hear only the whisperings of my inaudible words as I dissipate into the waves of the cosmos I contemplate weather my fate shall be that of a star shinning brightly viewable by the masses yet forever distanced from all that is tangible. Sobering and sorrowful I accept my fate as the inevitable expansion of space, as the undying tide of time ebbs to the edges of this reality. My soul slips unnoticed into silence a forgotten echo of a star that illuminated so intensely lost in the oblivion of a vast universe

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