Wednesday, September 2, 2009

My Family

Take me and let me in don't break me and shut me out I watched my self catch on fire and now I'm dancing in the ashes this is what they call a broken soul. As the days pass by I grow colder my soul is in a coma yet none of you can tell. suffocation no breathing this is my last resort. Dose any one ever fell the same. I what to be alone tonight i just need a little breather.I called you up because it's been long enough.... You broke me you shut me out gain and again all I wanted was you forgiveness your love I can't go on living this way... yet that is all I have the cold bitterness of the silence you share. I've got one confession suffering from love depredation ... I just what to be love just long to be loved take the past burn it up and let go carry on I try to never given I'll try to never give up. Yet ever time I get up they push me back down I've fallen harder I feel like I'm falling apart. I swear I'll never cry so now I'll just say good bye with all my love and hope you understand that no matter how many times you break me and shut me out I'll always love you even though it breaks my soul these are my shackles that I carrier

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