Friday, October 30, 2009

an excerpt from my novel

Suducas eyes glazed black his soul tormented with the emotion he felt this weakness was passionate and illusive she was his need, he was unquenchable for her. his was an immobilized heart cold,frozen his eyes wear black and cruel. what was this emotion how could it be so cruel, distant, sweet,warm and frozen was it love or mere desire? Was the kiss he had with her love for him or her love for the man he was pretending to be? Was he the enemy or was he the hero the lines were so blurred now and the torment ate away at his soul as a flower withering without sunlight. The hole that was once his heart now beat but the sound was sad and slow reflecting the many possibilities like stairs with no direction guiding him to no wear. His world was inside out and upside down. The cold emotion rushed through him he felt it in his vines. The sound of learia’s heart faded. Without her heart beat there was nothing. A growl erupted from his throat tortured and aggravated he was not supposed to love if that was what this was... he was not capable of love. Yet here his eyes brimmed with tears with the weight of what he’d done to his love on his soul and his hands. he could bear the cold empty evil no longer and he closed his eyes as he dissolved back into his name sake a shadow of evil completely lifeless mimicking what the source did an obscurity every vestige of what he once was overcome by the power of the maker of the shadow. Absorbed and fully controlled, connected to the source he had struggled to be apart from.

Monday, October 12, 2009

A silent wish

A yearning for you to purse me unyielding in your resolve consuming in your desire for me. unfaltering in your devotion eyes ablaze with unquenchable fire longing for a touch of skin inflamed into passion seeping throughout my veins as a a poison to my soul. lost and adrift in ecstasy that flows from your finger tips.yearn for me in a silent night. cry for me in your soul, crave me next to your skin.These lips quiver imaging your kiss. surrender to oblivion of selflessness as you become my one and only. this is my wish of love