Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The truth

This sensation of you creeps beneath my skin seeps into my vines like poison taking control of me I've lost my reason again the sent of your skin drives me insane. the more of you i get the more i want to take an illicit drug this addiction i can't break this warm in your eyes is it real is it fake don't leave me here alone anymore I know IWill break. this simile it hides the tears i do not shed, no more heart ache I'm better off dead. hold me in your arms again here I'm free so daft and warm i never want to leave. Your eyes they say I love though you never spoke the words am i believing what i can not confirm. i lose my self in this sea of gentle sighs i will stay here forever at least until i die. send me drifting on dreams of reality and awaken in serenity to be wear you are is to find a long lost part of me.

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