Wednesday, July 1, 2009

This silent soul

To the white pages I bear my soul.
Away from the world these tears in my eyes never cease.
This pain I feel always increase.
Eyes cold and hungry Take Just part of me.
My eyes know the truth my heart denies.
I hide away from real life.
In this silence this cold Arctic wind I wither and die again.
suffocation no breath, air UN-real.
I give this love but love I do not feel.
I'll fade away dissipate from reality this sorrow unbearable for one human being.
This dream of you an apparition I say
lingering, tingling In my skin a taste for my insatiable appetite.
longing for escape, everyday drowning in love, without I cease to exist
Fill this heartache with emptiness
To the white page I bear my soul
No one else hear nor see, like the silence of this white page
comfort me take away this hidden pain that surrounds me
Ive died inside and only you know at least you can't share my misery

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