Thursday, August 20, 2009

The theater face

Tragedy and Comedy, euphoric and desolate no one knows this wandering soul. A path that leads nowear echoing of constaint tragedy. The other path I fear is filled with constant pain. Ripped this heart out yet their is no pain Just an empty hole wear I should feel. Filled with so much emptiness I guess it's all I know comic how we inflict are own pain. Hidden behind a mask a theater face for all to see the world will never know what is truly me. Inside this hole that echo's fear I she the ripples of hope quietly disappear. lost inside the darkness I see a distant light as I fall deeper into night. I lost connection with the world and faded into a silence within nothing left but coldness to sooth this isolate soul comic that I brought my own tragedy. Behind the face that smiles behind the tragedy is fear of truth fear of unknown. Play a part you are who you wish to be to play yourself so vulnerable for the world to see. So I push away and put on my theater face waiting, longing for the one who looks for my soul that's hiding.

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