Tuesday, August 4, 2009

A heart drenched in red wine

I drench this unknown feeling in sultry bliss a taste of unaware an awaken from self :no guilt, no blame, no shame. I hold my soul in contempt this isolation a bitterness directed at myself. I am nothing more than a soft touch nothing more than a sultry kiss nothing more than a woman. A women I am, but in this moment a desire to be anything but what I must be. I seethe with anger hands off me I am not this I am not desire and lust. I am passion and quite a sensitivity that grows. I'm am words and knowledge entwined into a song a lullaby a nurturing that sows. A midnight confession invoked by the red sultry taste of unaware a day were I'm not a women not desire not beauty just ordinary me. Soul is what I desire to crave. Thease eyes a window inside. Please don't tell me I'm beautiful cause I'll think it's a lie. Desires, your sultry kiss show me that love is not about this. If love be desire passion and lust my heart is filled with sorrow distaste and disgust. A closed door no entrance to love understanding selflessness is the meaning of true love.

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